Wine of The Week



The Wine of the Week: Roda Rioja Reserva



"In RODA we look for the parcels that that year have ripened in a red fruit profile, with the expression of the aromas present in the edge of the glass, ready to be felt immediately; with sweet spice notes and a kind freshness. In the mouth the red fruit carries the importance, with a fresh, long, silky, voluptuous and continuous mouth pass."
"The depth and complexity are noticeable, armed by a bouquet of aromatic plants together with soft notes of noble oak and the sensation of limestone and rain. The tannin, which is now present, is of very good quality and marks an excellent structure. It is a long-aged wine with an outstanding RODA, as befits a vintage as good as 2019. On the palate it is very long and full of sensations, without a doubt it will be one of the great RODAs, bearing the imprint of the landscape of the vineyards that have seen it born, in an extraordinary meteorological vintage."