Founded in 1953 in La Morra, Mauro Molino is located in the town of Annunziata.

Mauro Molino graduates from Alba Winemaking School and begins to cultivate his dream of making his greatest passion, winemaking, his profession.

He makes his first Barolo from the vineyard Conca. The winemaking adventure of Mauro Molino begins here. Mauro becomes more and more conscious of how fortunate he is to be able to work in the Barolo area, a unique land in the world. He grows fonder of the single variety vineyards of this area, Nebbiolo in particular. He starts producing three of his most important cru in the town of La Morra: Barolo Conca, Barolo Gancia and Barolo Gallinotto.

The company is young and dynamic, but strongly connected to its tradition and roots. 






The Thibon Family bought Libian in 1670. At that time they still lived in the village; Libian served as a gentleman’s hunting lodge and manor house. Soon the family moved in definitively and worked as farmers.

His third child, Jean-Pierre Thibon, decided that the main activity at Libian would be wine: he built a cellar in 1970, which was later enlarged in 1982. The vines were, from the beginning, under organic agriculture: they plowed the soils, hoed by hand in the spring, treated the vines with copper and sulfur, etc. A continuation of this philosophy and an important milestone for the domaine was being certified biodynamic in 2005.

All three of the daughters chose wine as their path.






Winery founded in the year 1994 by their father. Family winery owned by the three brothers Frago. Their grandfather was known after Don Luis Frago “Pico”. The father took over his passion of wine and they are following the love for wine and terroir.

Eloy Haya as winemaker and Joaquim Martin Fexia as international manager are working together with the family Frago.

Bodefa Picos has 25 hectares of own vineyards. Hints of Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Tempranillo depending on the wine. The vineyards are planted on a series of high plateaus at 400 metres above sea level. The soils are mainly dark lime-bearing soils, of average rockiness and good drainage.